Accidents happen, despite your best efforts  

Public Liability insurance protects your business against the costs of claims made by members of the public for injury or damage to their possessions or property.

Whilst public liability is not a legal requirement, it should be considered essential for the business if you interact with members of the public on your business premises or on and off site.

Claims can arise as a result of an injury to a member of the public or damage to their property at:

• Your business premises
• Your home if you’re operating from there
• Events or activities arranged by your business
• A customer’s home or place of work

Below are some classic examples of public liability insurance claims.

• You or your employee carelessly leave some boxes in an aisle in your shop. A customer is injured
• You’re fitting a carpet in a customer’s home and knock over a vase, causing property damage
• You’re at a customer’s home and incorrectly wire the electrics causing a fire

How much cover do I need? Is it related to the size of my business?

The level of cover you require depends on the risk of your business, not the size.

As standard, My Business Cover offers public liability insurance from £1 million, £2 million and £5 million. However, there are higher levels of cover in excess of £10 million. This is referred to as the ‘excess layer policy’. For example, you may be contractually obliged to take out a certain amount of cover if you’re starting out a contract working for the local authority.


A company has a £2 million public liability insurance cover (primary cover). They require cover for £5 million for the contract to take place with the local authority. A separate £3 million excess layer policy will provide the extra cover on top of the £2 million totalling £5 million. In the event of a claim, the primary insurer will get involved if the claim is under the £2 million mark. However, if the claim exceeds £2 million, the primary insurer will pay £2 million and the £3 million excess will be called into play by the other insurer.

The level of cover you require is your choice. At My Business Cover we are always happy to discuss your cover requirements should you require it.

Other insurance products bundled together with Public Liability Insurance

To help protect your business, public liability insurance can be purchased as a standalone policy or it can be purchased with our other business insurance products or with our Employers Liability Insurance. Public liability insurance does not cover claims made by employees. This is covered by employers liability Insurance which is a requirement by law and the penalties for failing to comply are severe.

You can find more information on Employers Liability Insurance here

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